Nomen Omen (the name is an omen). This famous Latin expression represents well our company’s philosophy. Our story is a success’ story with deep roots and 40 years of experience. Starting this year all our products are gathered under the sole brand of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING. The brands that have distinguished our past, PRISMA, SBP and SPITTLER will converge under the name of the Group. This choice is dictated by the new challenges we wish to face. Our story has been molded by the choice to not accept compromises. Our products never sacrificed the reliability in the name of aesthetics or performance in the name of design. And it is our name, like the Latins rightly claimed, that represents our philosophy. And this leaves no room for compromises.


PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING is an international Group based in Colognola ai Colli, in the province of Verona with important manufacturing sites in Germany, Belgium and the USA. With over 700 employees and numerous affiliated companies allow us to have a global vision on the lighting world. An international voice with a stylistic approach well anchored in “Made in Italy” and a technological research worthy of the best “Made in Germany”.